When preparing to sell your home, most people concentrate only on the interior of the property. Whilst this is very important, the outside can sometimes be neglected. The first impressions of would be buyers when they come for that all important viewing, may unfortunately be that the kerb appeal is not all that…erm..appealing. Also, most estate agents use a view of the front of the property when marketing it for sale online, so it’s worth taking the time to make your property stand out on the web search   1. How’s the front door?  One of the easiest (and quickest) ways to spruce up the outside of your home is to tidy up or replace the front door. Wooden doors can be given a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. If you have a plastic or composite door, that can be cleaned using specialist products that can be bought from your local DIY store.  Also pay special attention to the hardware of the door, such as the letter box, door numbers and door knockers to make sure they are also looking their best.  2. Be at one with nature  If you are fortunate to have greenery around your home make sure to keep it looking healthy and looked after. For example, make sure the lawn is mowed regularly and looking as green as possible. Plants should be watered [and alive] and consider investing in some window baskets for pops of colourful flowers.  3. Spruce up your Driveway  Replacing a driveway can be a quite costly venture but, in most cases, keeping it clear and tidy will not only make it easier to use but it’ll make your property appear larger and wider.  Giving it a deep clean using a pressure washer can make it look like new. Also remove weeds and consider some inexpensive solar lights as an easy way to quickly add a little opulence to your home.  4. Pay attention to the boundaries  As well as the house, potential buyers will be looking at where the house starts and ends. They will likely be looking at fences and gates and these need to also show that they are maintained. A coat of paint will go a long way.  5. Gutters and Pipes  Not the most attractive of features, but unfortunately, guttering is a necessity. A clean gutter pipe will probably go unnoticed but a dirty or broken one will not. A simple wipe down and rinse will have your pipes looking as good as new in no time!